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  • Ricotta Gnocchi ,Spring vegetables and burnt butter_1220 copy


    Written on 23rd October 2014

    Make the gnocchi fresh: it’s really fun and you’ll love the result. The gnocchi is also great with a simple tomato or cheesy cream sauce. This salad has a great texture. You can use any grains you like: spelt, barley or even...

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  • 4q0ah77Mn_3Uih6AhdMR4mo73XiLsVdtdWwc9D4UVKU[2]


    Written on 21st October 2014

    Last month, one lucky group of Rockpoolians were chosen to travel with Neil to Hong Kong as part of a research trip for the group’s asian inspired restaurants Spice Temple and Rockpool est. 1989. The team included three of our...

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  • Stir fried minced pork with chillies thai basil and egg_1292 copy


    Written on 19th October 2014

    Pomelo (also known as Chinese grapefruit) is the largest member of the citrus family. Its skin is thick and yellow, while its flesh tends to be slightly sweeter than that of grapefruit. This salad is great with any citrus fruit, including...

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  • 20141005_142553


    Written on 16th October 2014

    What a Wonderful World This was the fitting name given to the event that saw a throng of chefs, sommeliers, writers, artists, environmentalists and food lovers gather at Melbourne’s Rippon Lea Estate two weekends ago for a series of inspirational talks and of...

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  • Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.34.36 am


    Written on 14th October 2014

    The artichoke stems are edible once the outer green skin is removed. They are great added to the braised chicken. Artichokes are also delicious roasted and drizzled with melted butter and lemon juice. You can make the sauce for the chicken dish...

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