Wok Magic

Written on 19th December 2008
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It is getting so exciting now, I’m just about jumping out of my skin.  Only days til the kitchen gets handed over and then the rest of the restaurant.

I had forgotten how exciting, terrifying, brain numbing, gut wrenching, disappointing, thrilling, joyful and cruel building a restaurant can be. Each day one step forward, two steps back, promises kept and promises broken.  Issues are resolved, others pop up.  Workmen standing on each other’s shoulders, or so it seems.  Is it possible to fit one more person in that small space and still be efficient?  I think not.


The builders and contractors are giving blood.  It is amazing to see them work so hard to hit that date, the handover – January 5th.  There must be no worse time to try to finish a project than Christmas, full speed ahead, plenty of speed humps, but still the builders push on.

I am amazed and staggered at how many problems this beautiful building has coughed up, but still we have pushed on.  Opening in June 2008 was a dream, what a nightmare it turned out to be with every approval process along the way a total hand brake.  Converting a heritage building that needs so much infrastructure has almost been impossible.

Its time for me to start getting scared, I have to open this thing and make it work.  Nothing but us doing our best will be good enough, so the building of Spice Temple was hard enough, but in a few days the focus turns to making it happen, to bringing it to life.

But as if that isn’t enough, I have to keep pushing for the amazing Bar & Grill to finish and to bring it to life by March.  I feel like I am standing at the edge.  I only hope I can do this and do it well.  We have the team and the space, we just have to throw everything at it.  It will require every bit of strength, not just from me, but all the wonderful Spice and Bar & Grill team.

In amongst all these mixed feelings and stress I see my new babies.  4 induction woks, the only double-sided Electrolux Therma induction woks in the world, I had them custom made.  I love them, they make me feel like we can do this, they are so beautiful I actually gave them a hug.  It really is feeling like it’s coming together, there doesn’t seem to be a corner in the room that isn’t full of workmen.  But as long as my beautiful woks are there it is going to be alright.

Spice Temple Wokselectrolux-doulbe-sided-therma-wok-for-spice-temple-2