1100 Covers and Counting

Written on 9th February 2009
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Got absolutely murdered in the kitchen at Spice Temple on Saturday night, 160 covers practically all at once.  It went really well and the guys did a great job.  I was proud of every dish that went out. 

This was all after the fire alarm went off at ten to six and we had to evacuate the building, what a crazy thing to happen.  Typical of the fire guys setting the restaurant up – not allowing a heat detector in the kitchen instead of a smoke detector.  The steam from the combi oven sets it off every time.  Oh well, it will be fixed on Monday.

More back of house things to sort out, but it’s week four and we have done 1100 covers!

Building bloody restaurants, who would do it…especially after the trouble we have had getting the liquor licence through.  Please let it happen this week, it has now cost us $100k in turnover and is sending us into the red, the Bar & Grill will kill us if we can’t get it through in time.  Maybe we have to rethink how many staff we can hold and for how long if this keeps up.

On the way home I popped in to see if Bar & Grill had had a good day in the building stakes.  The cooling tower was heading to the roof when I arrived in the afternoon and, thankfully, had made it without incident – such a massive crane.

Inside, the level one kitchen is really taking shape and a great development is that the sand screed has gone down in the ground floor kitchen.  Come Monday they start the tiling which is fantastic as it means we are on track for the kitchen equipment that arrives for that area on Friday.

On track, yes, on track.  Time is tight but things are happening to the program…awesome!!