News from the West Coast

Written on 13th July 2010
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It has started this week. The Perth site is in clearout mode and will be back to bare concrete on all surfaces by the end of next week. I had my last conversation with the kitchen designers and all is perfect, it will go out to tender next week. All my beautiful Electrolux equipment is going on the production line and the Beech oven guys have designed the improvements in the charcoal oven and the wood fire grill is tried and true. 

It is really exciting, Grant has done a fantastic job. Like our other restaurants this will be one of the most beautiful in the country and have a really cool Perth feel. 

Trish, Kahn and I will be over in the first week of August to hunt for organic producers and fisherman who care for the ocean and their product. We will also be on the search for the all important General Manager . 

Linden is looking at the bar and all the great drinks that will be made there and David and Nicole are going to start looking at the wine list. I suspect they may need to spend a bit of time in Margret River to put the finishing touches on it. Expect a heavy WA selection and some of the greats from the rest of the country and the world. 

So after destruction comes construction. In a week the building will be all focussed on making the dead line of being mostly finished before Christmas!

Bring on Perth we are all very excited!!