Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Launch at The Waiting Room Melbourne

Written on 18th October 2011
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A couple of weeks ago The Waiting Room Melbourne was lucky to host the lauch of Genfiddich’s new whisky, the Rich Oak 14 Year Old. The events were held in Sydney at Rockpool Bar & Grill as well as at TWR Melbourne (you can read Simon Food Favourites great blog on the Sydney event here). Will Oxenham, Bar Manager at TWR wrote a story for us with the photos graciously supplied by William Grant & Sons.

Glenfiddich Old Fashioned with Stout Reduction

“A couple of Thursday’s ago saw us host Glenfiddich’s Global Brand Ambassador, Ian Millar, introducing the new addition to their range, The Glenfiddich 14 Year Old.

With three sessions in the day, it was a large and exhaustive operation, but it really was one of the best whisky tastings I’ve been a part of for some while (And I’ve been to a few!). Ian’s in-depth knowledge of all things Glenfiddich, whisky production, & spirit production in general was something to behold, and there wasn’t a single attendee who left without having taken an amazing amount of helpful info away with them.

The ‘Whisky Salon’

The room set and ready

The Glenfiddich range with tasting ‘props’

Ian went through the basics of whisky production, and then moved through the full Glenfiddich range, from the 12 year old to the 14, 15, 18, 21 & the 30 year old. All the whiskies were absolutely singing, and my favourites were the leathery 21 year old, and the new, spicy addition to the range, the 14 year old. Each of the whiskies were tasted with tasting ‘props’: little glasses handed out by our fantastic assistant for the day, Sam, with dried fruits, leathers, chocolates and woods, designed prompt your palate and prepare you for the flavour explosions coming through in the range.

Tasting ready

The day was broken up into three sessions, and started out with the charismatic Glaswegian Barry Chalmers, Glenfiddich Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific region (and good mate of Steve and I), running through the portfolio with about 15 key personalities from the Melbourne bar scene, and was extremely well received, before Ian took over for representatives from the Coles Group, and then a select group of smaller, boutique liquor merchants from around Victoria.”


The Glenfiddich Ambassador and some of the attendees

TWR mini cheese burgers

Rockpool would like to thank William Grant & Sons for their support through these events both in Sydney and Melbourne.