Martini Masterclass Winners!

Written on 11th November 2011
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Our congratulations go to Sefie and Kayla for each winning themselves a double pass to The Waiting Room’s Martini Session on Wednesday 16th November. You will be shaking or stirring those martinis like a pro, all the while enjoying some of the best bar food you will find in Melbourne. Nice work Sefie with Benedict Cumberpatch (Im in love with that name) and John Simm from Dr Who… and Kayla – I think you got there on sheer weirdness alone chosing Charlie Sheen as your Bond (what the?) and Ricky Gervais as the villain. Random yet wonderful. Well done guys and enjoy. Your names are on the door at The Waiting Room for next Wednesday at 5pm. Flick an email to to confirm.

Tickets are still available for the event, contact The Waiting Room on 03 8679 1800 or to book.

Look out for our upcoming seasonal sessions, The Daiquiri and The Margarita….