Noma at Rockpool

Written on 15th March 2012
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Last Thursday, we were privileged (and lets be honest, a little humbled) to host Rene Redzepi and his chefs from Noma at Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne. A lucky bunch sat down to an amazing 7 course lunch that lead us from Aebleskivers (good luck with that one) to Fig and hazelnut tart.



We have had the good fortune of having Rene in our restaurants before and we are fans. A gentleman, an incredible chef (best in the world they reckon!), a perfectionist and general all round good guy. His crew are just the same and it’s a pleasure to watch them in action.


As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, the lunch was small on the scale of things – a tidy 50, just a good number to really be able to do things well, unpressured…perfect.

Here’s the run down…

Æbleskiver (Noma)

–          These are a spherical Danish doughnut, spongy , lightly spiced with cardamom and with a smoked marrow flavour . Totally interesting




Congee with prawn (Rockpool)

–          A bit of a modern  Rockpool classic from George St and often served with lobster, one of our most revered dishes of recent times




Raw squid with white currant juice and Douglas Fir (Noma)

–          The squid was creamy with the flavour of the sea;  acidic, wood-like, citric juice and some notes of saltiness from cured sloe berries




Drunken pigeon and abalone salad (Rockpool)

–          A match made in fine dining heaven





Dried scallops with grains and watercress (Noma)

–          These had a grassy, cereal like base, the scallops were dried and lightly sweet





Red braised pork with saltbush and Warrigal greens (Rockpool)

–          Big fans of threes native greens at the moment and perfect with the rich sweet flavours of the red braise




Fig ands hazelnut tart with white clover honey mousse (Rockpool)

–          Simple. Catherine Adams at her divine sweet best!