Thomas Keller on Core Values

Written on 19th June 2012
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Thomas Keller – Rockpool friend, acclaimed chef, owner of some of America’s very best restaurants…L. Pierce Carson recently posted a fantastic piece on Chef Keller, his role as a mentor and his wonderul Top 12 Core Values. It’s a great read for anyone in the industry, chefs, service staff – but also for Joe Public – such an insight into just why Thomas Keller has got to where he is today and why the staff that come through his restaurants exhibit such great skills and mature mind set (case in point – Phil Wood, Head Chef Rockpool and Dan Masters – Head Chef Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth).
In a quote from the article, Chef Keller says young chefs should “continuously strive for recognition in the kitchen, which comes through in the (assigned) job that you do. If I continue to challenge (a young chef) it’s because I think you can do better. I notice how you dress, how you tie your apron, sharpen your knife … how you wrap cheese, cut the fish … the respect shown for what you’re working with.”
 Chef Thomas Keller’s Core Values

The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group is more than a group of restaurants dedicated to quality food and exemplary service. We are a group of individuals committed to the common goal of creating fond memories for our guests and ourselves, elevating the standards and expectations of the restaurant industry and developing a secure and ideal work environment. To achieve these goals we must all work at them tirelessly, fearlessly and with the following values deeply imbued in our core.

• Modesty — Work toward achieving greatness, but maintain humility.

• Integrity — Use your best judgment; perform your work selflessly, honestly and caringly.

• Respect — Show respect for our peers, our supervisors, our industry and our guests.

• Responsibility — Recognize and embrace the responsibility we have to our peers, our supervisors, our critics, our industry and ourselves to uphold the success we have achieved.

• Awareness — Keep an open mind. Recognize innovation and realize inspiration, which will result in evolution and growth.

• Initiative — Have the courage to take initiative and the conviction to follow through. Search for new ideas and means of improvement.

• Collaboration — Work together to achieve results that are greater than those you can achieve alone.

• Consistency — Maintain our standards of quality moment to moment, day to day, and year to year.

• Impact — Make a positive difference in the experience of our guests and those around us.

• Success — Create fond memories for our guests and each other.

• Legacy — Establish a benefit to the guest, the restaurant or the company that outlives us

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