Bread for Good

Written on 12th October 2012
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The Bread for Good project is a nationwide campaign that was launched in 2011 by UNICEF, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Good Food Guides. With the help of many generous restaurants and their patrons, Bread for Good was able to contribute to stopping the food crisis in East Africa. A total of $170,000 was raised. This year Bread for Good returned and with totals still to be finalised, all we know is….we all did great! It looks like Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney may have topped the list of fundraising restaurants, but kudos to all those who took part and of course all those who donated, most importantly. It’s a great community contribution and many great diners around Australia throw their all into giving to this important cause, amongst them Universal, Cumulus inc., Otto and Union Dining.

The Rockpool group raised $9085.27 when all was said and done. We asked our customers throughout the month of September to make a small donation, the general idea being the cost of bread – and we would now like to take this opportunity to thank them for their generosity and wealth of spirit.

All funds raised during Bread for Good 2012 will go to support UNICEF’s efforts to help children in the Sahel region of West Africa. Over 18 million people across this region are experiencing severe food shortages, with more than 4 million children at risk of malnutrition. All across the Sahel region, drought has sucked the land dry, and food is simply too expensive for most families. They’ve coped until now by selling their livestock, taking their children out of school, or by going without food altogether. But they can’t go on like this. UNICEF says “We may not be able to stop drought, but we can stop hunger”. 

 We proudly support this initiative, the thought behind it, the processes and are thrilled to be involved. We look forward to doing it once again in 2013.