Written on 1st April 2014
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Easter is nigh. It’s upon us, here already, where did the year go…and all of that! At this time of year, every year, we sit back, albeit temporarily on our heels and muse over the swift pace of things in general, and then ever so quickly our minds turn to seafood and chocolate. There are many reasons to celebrate the Easter holiday and each and every one of us will celebrate the time in our own way, whether in a spiritual way…or a foodie way – and let’s face it, food is it’s own religion!

Here are the Rockpool Group’s trading hours over the Easter and ANZAC Day long weekends and a few menu suggestions should you be looking for the very best in Australian seafood and chocolate indulgence…

Easter trading

Our 3 Sydney restaurants will be open for dinner only on Good Friday and dinner only Easter Monday – other than that, it is business as usual, with the restaurants open for dinner on Saturday.

Down Melbourne way, Rockpool Bar & Grill is business as usual; Rosetta and Spice Temple will be closed Monday lunch.

Heading West, Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth is as normal.

staff B&W

ANZAC Day trading

All Sydney restaurants will be open for dinner only.

Melbourne and Perth – business as usual across the board for your dining pleasure.

And so to the ‘food’. Allow us, if we may, to select a few of our Easter dining suggestions for your perusal…


Chirashi zushi of whiting, kingfish and squid
Bass grouper ‘ginger and shallot’ with oyster and buckwheat
Chocolate grand cru of Valrhona with peanut butter and jelly

Chirashi Zushi 1

Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney

Cured ocean trout with pickled red onion, coriander seeds and toasted brioche
Spicy mussel and saffron stew with charcoal roast seafood and aioli
Milk and dark chocolate, caramel and macadamia shortbread

Cured Ocean Trout  Mussels

Spice Temple Sydney

Take a few friends and take on a banquet offering. Prawn wontons with black vinegar and chilli; fish drowned in heaven-facing chillies; greens stir fried with fermented bean curd and pippies live from the tank with XO sauce

Spice Temple Pippies  Spice Temple Sichuan Fish

Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne

Four raw tastes of the sea
Grilled Glacier 51 Toothfish with braised chicory and hazelnut crumb
Dark chocolate mousse cake with fleur de sel

Four_Tastes_001  Interior Private Room


Start in the ‘Crudi and carpacci’ section – scampi with orange, pistachio and mint, then move to ‘Fish of the day’ – a selection of seafood from Corner Inlet, Victoria – a piece of garfish or King George whiting or perhaps snapper – char-grilled and served with braised zucchini, garlic and basil
Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla chantilly and grated milk chocolate

Rosetta_dusk_main_d#1357F9B  2012-10-11_Rosetta_0018

Spice Temple Melbourne

It is yum cha all the way here – jade scallop and crab dumplings; pork and prawn siu mai; fried squid with 5 spice salt, dark chilli paste and cabbage salad; spring onion pancakes…finish with raspberry and chocolate ganache candy bar


Rockpool Bar &Grill Perth

Wood fire grilled Fremantle octopus with spelt, preserved lemon, almonds, garlic, green chilli and parsley
Crispy King George Whiting with red braised vegetables and herbs with aioli
Banana, Dulcey chocolate, coconut and caramel tart

RB+G PERTH12022011_0020

herever you dine these fast-approaching holiday weekends, enjoy your celebration and stay safe on the roads.

Happy Easter and Anzac Day from the Rockpool family.