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With an emphasis on this country’s finest and most sustainable produce, Executive Chef Phil Wood’s seasonally inspired a la carte menu offers a diverse selection of modern Australian dishes, interspersed with celebrated classics from Rockpool’s rich culinary history.

Evoking the traditions and glamour of the great dining rooms at the turn of last century, we have stepped away from the degustation model and returned to a restaurant ideal that puts the diner back in charge.

Eleven Bridge celebrates the mastery and art of the finest cooking. In the kitchen, the skill of our chefs is paramount as we highlight the nature of individual ingredients and traditional cooking methods: a roasted lobster split and shared; a whole partridge steamed in bread; native abalone pan fried and doused in brown butter and herbs at the table. This is cooking that celebrates the perfect imperfection that can only come from cooking by touch, from resting a piece of meat or seafood that is cooked by flames or charcoal.

Eleven Bridge is a celebration of the conviviality of food, where the art of great service is heralded alongside great cooking. Our front-of-house team, lead by Silvio Brentan, brings the theatre of the kitchen into the dining room: carving, tossing and serving dishes table side. Combined with Head Sommelier Yuki Hirose’s award winning wine list and one of this country’s most knowledgeable wine teams, the service at Eleven Bridge is designed to highlight that it is the sum of all the parts that make up a great restaurant.

A statement on its iconic location in the heart of Sydney, almost 28 years since its original incarnation as Rockpool in 1989, Eleven Bridge remains the Rockpool Group’s flagship restaurant.

Eleven Bridge is a member of the French-based Relais & Chateux, an organisation recognised for its dedication to maintaining the highest international standards for hospitality and culinary excellence.

Neil Perry AM and Trish Richards are excited to share with you our vision and evolution for this bastion of Australian dining.



All our suppliers go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our produce is carefully nurtured. As they are the strength behind our philosophy, we would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

  • Meats by Feather & Bone, Osawa Enterprises and Nicholson & Saville
  • Poultry by Gaian Poultry and U Goose
  • Seafood by Joto and Poulos Brothers
  • Olive oil by Megalong Gold
  • Cheese and Caviar by Simon Johnson
  • Organic eggs by Fountaindale and Ox Hill
  • Coffee by Market Lane
  • Teas by Penelope Sach, Jing and Perfect South
  • Filtered water by Nordaq FRESH
  • Exotic produce by Fiat at Sunrise, Table181, and Waterside Fruit Connection
  • Italian specialty ingredients by Lario


Main Menu

Fish Tales by Eleven Bridge – lunch only

Tasting menu – $180 per person

Sample menus only – dishes are subject to change.