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International First and Business

Qantas First and Business menus change seasonally. We work with our producers, suppliers and growers to source the very best local ingredients; ingredients that will inspire our regional menus and allow us to create restaurant quality meals and ultimately a restaurant in the sky. We take a serious approach to cooking inflight. Where possible we use sustainable produce so we have a best practice ethos.

For our First passengers the menu is true restaurant style, with impeccable champagnes and award winning wines, canapés and a full dining menu. Passengers are offered the Tasting Menu with matched wines at all lunch and dinner services on board. Eight courses from canapés to petits fours include a Rockpool Bar & Grill style dish with accompaniments. Outside of Australia, our ‘Market Inspiration’ dish looks at the best seasonal produce available locally and is offered verbally by the cabin crew in addition to the main menu.

The Rockpool Qantas First menus are designed to allow our customers the choice of both small and main plates to create a totally flexible dining experience. A lighter option is also available where a simple seared or roasted fillet of fish or chicken is accompanied by green vegetables and a light and fresh lemon vinaigrette. Our customers are regular flyers and they know and are familiar with the experience. They may choose to dine in the lounge prior to boarding the aircraft and rest once on board. Others may dine on board. The choice is theirs.

An astonishing amount of coordination happens behind the scenes when it comes to putting a quality meal on a plane. It is close to an 11month process to implement a menu change, in line with the seasons every three months. The team works tirelessly to create new dishes and improve current ones, constantly tweaking and sourcing the best products to excite our flyer’s palates and exceed their expectations. A major focus of Rockpool is creating food that will be fresh, extraordinary and flavourful whilst holding up to all the necessary steps for food on International First and Business flights throughout the network. It’s a lengthy process of research, inspiration, planning, testing, sourcing, creating, apportioning and flying the many hundreds of superb dishes which land on the plates of passengers, miles high around the globe.