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Spice Temple Melbourne’s new cocktail list

Imogen and her team behind the bar at Spice Temple Melbourne have put together a cracking new Cocktail Menu…is it our best yet? Hmmm…we think maybe….    As the Melbourne restaurant has developed its own identity, so has its cocktail list. This seasonally inspired list is all about clean, light flavours, beautiful balance, and Autumnal […]

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Yum Cha at Spice Temple Melbourne

YUM CHA BEGINS    Neil Perry and the team from Spice Temple Melbourne will launch a brand new yum cha menu on Wednesday 8 February 2012.   Regarded by Perry to be one of the city’s best quality and freshest yum cha offerings, the menu will feature a selection of over 40 dishes and the who’s […]

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AGE Good Food Guide Awards in Melbourne

It was a cracker of a night in Melbourne last evening for the Rockpool Group. The AGE handed out the toques and awards and we were proud as punch to be there and to feel such a great part of this vibrant city and it’s healthy restaurant and bar scene.     Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne […]

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Cup Day – Lexus Marquee and all the restaurants firing!

What a huge cup day!!! It started out with a trip to the Lexus Marquee -looking good and everyone certainly appeared to be having a great time. Our food was coming out well and everyone was intent on drinking, eating and backing a winner.    After getting second in the cup, but only backing it to […]

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Spice Melbourne…family and friends fed!!!

Well we got through the soft opening and the builders are almost out. Defects next week, fix up a few issues, but all in all it is looking amazing. A really hard space to shoot as the lighting is so dramatic.     As first nights go it was great! Ben, Brendan and the kitchen team did […]

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Training, cooking, tasting…

We are in and cooking at Spice Temple! The floor staff are training with wine, beer, cocktails and tea in small groups. The builders still aren’t out and upstairs has a lot of detail yet to finalise. Today we take over downstairs and start food training. Really wish my cold would go away…    The […]

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